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Romania is one of the fewest countries where God put together mountains, sea and delta. In Romania, located south-east Europe, crossed by fast rivers, marked by high mountains and cooled by Danube, which flows into Black Sea through a magnificent Delta, the tourist is amazed, every single step, by nature's beauties and surprises.
In Romania, one can still find places of virgin landscapes, ancient forests, mountain trails of different difficulty levels, empty beaches, places overload with beauty of nature, breath taking sceneries, the way only God knows to build!

On the other hand, in Romania one can also find modern urban views, vivid night clubs or equipped amusement parks. That tourist eager for urban civilization will always find in the big cities of Romania something to see, something to capture on camera and, most of all, restaurants with either traditional or exotic menu. Night clubs and bars are one step away so, the ones who love such kind of places will be more than delighted to discover them.

Also, Romania is a place with an abundance of places of high historical background: old houses, hundreds of years old castles, monasteries, heritage monuments... Once arrived, the tourist can visit museums, art galleries, libraries.

So, Romania is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday, regardless the season of the year or your touristic preferences. During winter, one can ski on the special equipped slopes, in summer time one can wonder on mountain trails or enjoy the modern beaches located on Black Sea shores. Also, one can visit the natural reservations in Danube Delta or, if is only looking just for having fun, can go to the big cities where there's a fabulous night life.

What is on our portfolio?

Best Holiday In Romania
gives you the opportunity to choose one or more holiday destinations in Romania, to schedule your own time, providing you all the necessary support in order to have an unforgettable holiday.
Our offers include:
  • Advices for choosing the most beautiful itineraries, according to the specific of the area and to your own touristic preferences.
  • Pick up from Otopeni-Bucharest airport with different travel means: luxury limousines or, for larger groups, modern and comfortable minibuses. These can also be available throughout your entire visit in Romania, so you can travel at leisure anywhere at any time.
  • According to your preferences, we can book your accommodation either in guest houses or luxury hotels&spa.
  • We are able to help you find the perfect places for having your meals, either traditional Romanian food restaurants or the ones you wish for.
  • As an option, we provide you a travel guide that can join you when you travel or visit certain touristic places.
  • Before you ask for an offer, please check the areas where you need us to assist you, so you can find out more about the local options, what you can see and do. Then, ask us for an offer and we shall be more than delighted to answer and to provide you the best holiday in Romania.

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    Weather in Romania

    Weather in Romania is temperate continental, having all four distinctive seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Climatic differences here are given mostly to latitude and longitude, seldom to oceanic influences, the ones from eastern part of the continent or the Mediterranean ones, from south-west. Average temperatures are slightly lower in southern part (10°-11°C) towards the northern part (8,5°-9°C), differences given by the landforms but also by latitude.

    Temperature drops are registered at increasing levels of altitude - every 1000 m difference of level, temperature decreases by 6°C. During summer time, annual temperatures may vary between 22 °C and 24 °C, and during winter, registered temperatures are between -3°C and -5°C. The lowest registered temperatures were on 25th of January 1942, at Bod, Brasov county, -38.5°C, and the highest, +44.5°C, on 10th of August 1951, at Ion Sion in Braila county. Find out more here

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