Bran Castle

Bran Castle is well-known as Dracula's Castle. The key element of this name is Dracula, the main character of Bram Stoker's homonymous novel, written at the end of XIXth century, character that is mistaken as being Vlad Tepes - the Wallachian prince. Located just 30 km away from Brasov, an impressive historical and architectural monument built 600 years ago, Bran Castle is the most visited place by the tourists arrived in Brasov. The castle is built on a rock, has a strategic emplacement, is surrounded by amazing views, and in 1920 it became Royal residence. The legends of this great castle, that became well known around the world, make this castle the place where the thrill fans can experience unique sensations, combining myth, magic, history, plot and the pride of the knights that used to come here long ago. Becoming a part of the tourists folklore thank to the legends, the historians say that Vlad Tepes actually never lived in this castle.
Even though, the legend prevailed the reality, so the mysterious castle became the movie set for "Interview with a vampire", as a straight pointing of Vlad Tepes' vampire features. At this point, the castle hosts Bran Museum, a museum that stretches on the entire four floors, where one can find numerous weapons and armor collections, old furniture, clay pots collections, and in the inner court tourists can admire a small open air museum, having traditional houses from Rucar-Bran area. All these make the tourists' holiday head-lines and, of course, it is the perfect destination for the Halloween party.
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