Brasov, Romania

Located only 161 km away from Bucharest, Brasov lays on 167,32 square km and has a population of about 253 000 inhabitants.

Situated inside the Carpathian arch, the city's altitude is 625 m. Bordered in South and South-East by Piatra Mare and Postavaru (Tampa) massif, that enters the city as a huge spur , Brasov is a marvelous place that magnetizes each year tourists around the world.
Having a temperate-continental climate, in Brasov the summer lasts almost 50 days with temperatures between 22 °C and 27 °C, and the winter has almost 90 days, with temperatures between -2 °C to - 18 °C.

Brasov is a must see place once arrived in Romania. There are plenty of touristic attractions, with various features and different meanings. One should keep in mind that the novelty rises everywhere in Brasov.

Must-see places in Brasov:

Rope Street

Rope Street (Strada Sforii) is the perfect destination for the photography lovers, as the snapshots taken on the narrow lane are just spectacular - the visual field is enriched with the grandeur of Tampa mountain. Due to the fact that it is one of the narrowest little streets in Europe, Strada Sforii is the ideal dating place of the lovers, avoiding the curious eyes of the passers-by. So, the little and narrow street that can be held between one's open arms must be on the list of every tourist in Brasov.

Black Church

Under the spiritual protection of the Holy Virgin, being a massive monument, The Black Church is one of the main attractions of Brasov, visited by thousands of tourists every year. It is the biggest gothic style Romanian church, located next to old Town Hall square. Its name comes from an historic event - years ago, in 1421 - at the first Ottoman invasion, a major fire destroyed it almost entirely. Having an interior of a striking beauty, it hosts the statues of Virgin with the child, Saint John the Baptizer, Jesus-world redeemer, but also the biggest pipe organ in Eastern Europe.

The Old Town

The Old Town, also called the Historical Square of Brasov, is a must see place for those who arrive in the city located on the foot of Tampa mountain. The old buildings from XV-th century, seen everywhere, The Black Church, The little fortress on Straja and the Old Town Hall Square make the old town a place where history becomes your companion. Even those interested in shopping or relaxing are welcome here, as there are plenty of stylish coffee shops, terraces, restaurants and shops. Throughout the year, The Old Town hosts different cultural, artistic and trade events.

The adventure Park

The adventure park, located near Noua Park, as the biggest adventure park in Eastern Europe, is one of the main attractions of Brasov. So, those looking for adrenaline, sport and recreational activities in open air, but also those keen in overcoming their own limits, are welcome here for new and thrilling experiences. With progressive levels of difficulty, this is the perfect place both for adults and children. The park has zyp lines among the trees, cradles, games in the trees and no less than 15 different trails with different levels of difficulty for the beginners as well as for the experienced ones, among these a "black" one - asking for a special technique, strength and a lot of energy. There is an increasing adventure place - the zypline above Noua Lake, with a 307 m length.

On top of the places shown above, Brasov or "The town of the Crown' has some absolutely wonderful places, filled with history and beauty, that deserve being seen by any tourist: Tampa Mountain, The first Romanian school, Aquatic paradise, Rasnov citadel, Liberty bear sanctuary, White Tower, Black Tower, The history museum and the natural reservation "Coltii Corbului Mare" ("Big Raven Fangs").

Weather in Brasov

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