Constanta, Romania

Constanta is one of the oldest town in Romania, its first documented mention was in 657 B.C. and it is located in South-East part of the country.
The first documented mention refers to a Greek community, called Tomis, that was about to be conquered by The Roman Empire in 71 B.C, when they re-named it Constantiana after emperor Constantin the Great's sister.

Italian traders from Genova helped the town to develop by the trade they made here in the XIIIth century coming on the Big Sea, as they used to call the Black Sea at that time. Unfortunately, difficult times came for Constanta, as, under the Ottoman rule, it became just a simple village of fishermen, shepherds and horse breeders.

This place became town once again in 1865, when a railway was built between Cernavoda and Constanta harbor, built to transport Romanian crops. After 1878, Constanta became the main seaport of the country, keeping this status until now, as Constanta is the biggest Black Sea port and the fourth in Europe.

Today's wonderful city, spoiled by the sun and cooled down by the foamy waves of the Black Sea, is bordered at North and central area by a hill area, has a lagoon area at East and plains at South and West. Tourists that arrive here enjoy a shiny sandy beach having 6 km in length. Having a 124.9 square km area, the city offers the party lovers loads of opportunities: bars, restaurants, night clubs, but also entertaining parks, pools, aqua park. The traveler that wants to learn more can visit many museums and monuments, and the water sports lovers feel free here, fully-enjoying the sea waves. They say that no one will ever get bored in Constanta. And they're right!

Must see places:

Constanta Aquarium

Constanta Aquarium, located right on the sea shore, opened on 1st of May 1958, was the first, for many years, of the similar institutions in Romania. Its location - near Constanta Casino, was a clever decision, as all the tourists attracted by the beauty of the casino get to see the aquarium, too. The aquarium is formed from three sections based on ecological criteria: Exotic fishes, Sweet waters and Marina. As an entire, it represent an exhibition place for aquatic flora and fauna, but it also has different exhibitions of marine fishing, biology and aquatic ecology. Constanta Aquarium hosts more than 100 different species of fish and sea life from diverse geographic areas and ecosystems, the most spectacular are: piranha, the angel fish, cat fish, shovel fish, small red scorpionfish, sea dragon, rusty blenny, greater pipefish, staightnose pipefish, starfish, as well as tens of species with a various color range.

Constanta Dolphinarium

Constanta Dolphinarium is one of the most visited and attractive touristic sights in Constanta, during the summer seasons, as well as during the other seasons. The dolphinarium, besides Astronomical Observer, Planetarium and Microsanctuary, is a part of Constanta Nature Sciences Museum Complex. Inaugurated in 1972, the Dolphinarium was, at that time, the first museum of this category in the country, but also in South-East Europe. Today, Constanta Dolphinarium represents the only place where tourists can relax watching real joyful and happy shows, having as protagonists the three dolphins: Peipei, Chen Cheng and Ni-Ni.

The Genovese Lighthouse

The Genovese Lighthouse, located on the seafront of the city, is a truly remarkable monument no one could pass by without noticing it, that trough its beauty and significance is a part of history of Constanta. Since 1878 it is a real guide for the seafarers of the Black Sea, due to its light located 21 m above the sea level, having a 5 km range. It is 16 m high, built from natural stone in octagon shape that brings an unique note, having a metallic dome decorated with elements that points the four compass-points, having 8 windows where the light is spread. Each year, the Genovese Lighthouse becomes another touristic destination that needs to be seen by the tourists in Constanta.

Tomis Harbor Constnta

Tomis Harbor Constanta has become one of the famous locations in Constanta regardless the season of the year the tourists arrive in the sea-side city. Tomis Harbor represents the perfect choice for those eager to enjoy the sea at its splendor, by walking or from their own cars. In this harbor tourists can admire tens of luxury yachts or sailing boats, resting in calm shallow waters. In summer time, during a nice quiet walking on the shore, one can be lucky enough to spot unexpected visits of the dolphins attracted by the giant water fountain or, who knows, perhaps by the far too curious eyes of the people. Charming terraces and elegant restaurants on the sea side complete the relax invite in Tomis Harbor Constanta.
Among the most interesting sights shown above, tourists can also visit: Saint Mary Armenian Church, Metamorphosis Greek Church, Saint Anton Catholic Church, Saint Mina Church, Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, Mosaic Roman Building, Hunchiar Mosque, Gravity Park, Lake View Entertainment and Sports Center, Natural Microsanctuary, Carol I Mosque, Art Museum, Popular Art Museum, National History and Archaeology Museum, Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum, Romanian Marine Museum, Archaeologic Park, Planetarium, Mihai Eminescu`s statue, Ovidiu`s statue and Fantasio Theatre.

Weather in Constanta

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