Danube Delta, Romania

Danube, the second biggest river in Europe, also called the Amazon of Europe, springs from Black Forest mountains in Germany and, after it crosses ten countries, floods into Black Sea through a beautiful delta - Danube Delta, perhaps the only place in the world where one can see how the heaven looks like.
Danube Delta, the second in Europe as surface, after river Volga`s delta, having an area of almost 5500 km2 - counting in Danube`s shores and Razim complex, represents a touristic destination that became very popular among both Romanian and foreign tourists, eager to spend some days away from urban rush. The surface of Danube Delta is split in several parts, most of them real wild areas, all of them of a striking beauty. It is also known as the wettest area in Europe, but also the lowest plain area, being dominated by surfaces with a very low height comparing to 0 level of the Black Sea, the medium altitude being 0.52 m. More than half of Delta`s surface is given by natural aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, but also by areas for ecological reconstruction.
Also surnamed "Heaven of birds and fishes", Danube Delta offers its tourists the chance of visiting this vast and extremely complex natural environment, slowly sailing on its tens of lakes and canals, where the only sound is given by nature: gentle breeze, water ripple, birds chirps and reed rustling. Delta is that exotic place in Romania where one can observe as many as 1830 plants and trees species, 44 species of mammals, 11 species of reptiles, 2440 species of insects, 91 species of mollusks, 341 species of birds - most of all these are declared unique species in the world, making delta a real fauna paradise. Above these, tourists in Danube Delta will discover such a blend of water plants of Europe, in different environments: from riverside vegetation formed in in flooded area of lakes and swamps, marine hills meadows, to submerged floating vegetation.
For those curious to see the most famous place where the migratory birds take a break during their journey from Artic region down to Tropics, also Danube Delta is the one who has the answer - as it is the one who hosts these wonderful birds, that certainly will be more than happy to join you while sailing the canals. If all these details convinced you to spend some days in this wildness tranquility, spare some hours to relax on delicate sand beaches, marked by shells and a lot of vegetation. Accommodation offer in Danube Delta is generous, tens of guest houses and holiday houses set in absolutely charming areas, having all the necessary facilities, fish restaurants, sailing and sport fishing games. A very important detail is the access in Danube Delta is for touristic purposes only, granted by a permit issued by ARBDD Tulcea, so it is recommended the use of qualified guides that know the rules as well as the protected areas of the delta, where regular tourists are not allowed.

Weather in Danube Delta

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