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Valley of Prahova is an endless resource of touristic destinations. Here there are several destinations not to be missed by any tourist.

Sinaia Railway station

The first railway station in Sinaia was built in 1913 and the second one later on, as an access point exclusively for the Royal family and their guests - leaders from the entire world. On the platform of the station there is a memorial plaque in I.Gh. Duca`s memory, killed by the Iron Guards right there, in 1933. The historical value of the railway station is given by the fact that at the beginning of the century, here used to stop trains such as Alberg Express or Orient Express. gara sinaia About the Royal Railway Station, situated just tens of meters away, it is known that it was built by the architect Duliu Marcu in 1939. This is an impressive stone building that had a shed that used to shelter the entire royal train, and in front of it there was a vast square used to welcome the high rank visitors. Its unique scope was preserved by the communist regime, as on 6th of August 1975 a train brought to Sinaia Nicolae Ceausescu and his guest, Gerald Ford, the former American president. This area of the railway station is not open for the public.

Little trains Museum in Sinaia

Little trains museum - It is considered one of the most important attractions in Sinaia. It was inaugurated in 2009 and is located right inside Sinaia Railway station. The models exhibited here are scale-copies of some of the Italy and Swiss railway stations, made by Italian Alberto Drera. Once arrived here, tourists can admire 300 meters of rail way, 150 wagons and 70 locomotives and their details are truly remarkable! These scale railway stations have depots, bridges, traffic lights, streets that go along with the rails, tens of tunnels, and the little trains go through mountains and under the trees. The main important exhibit is represented by miniature of the famous Orient Express.

Tamina Waterfall

Tamina waterfall - Right in the heart of Piatra Mare (Big Rock) mountains, altitude of 1100 m, one can hear the whisper of crystal waters of Tamina waterfall. It is formed by a series of 5 smaller waterfalls, the highest one being almost 10 m high. The legend says this waterfall was formed after a cave collapsed, creating a hole of 50 m, located on drainage lines of vertical fissures. Shaping the gorges of the waterfall along with its deepening is a constant process, changes being visible from one year to another.
On its entire perimeter, a very valuable one, one can admire many alpine grasslands, gorges, different shaped limestone rocks, but also many mountains springs. The particular fauna of the area where this waterfall is located is dominated by the brown bear, therefore the area is well-known as "Bear land". The tourist that arrive here can see panels that warn regarding the bears presence. In order to avoid unpleasant incidents when meeting a bear, it is good to use a whistle or other objects that make strong noises, so the bears will stay away.

Dimitrie Ghica Park

"Dimitrie Ghica" Park in Sinaia was made in 1881 and it was entirely designed and conceived by the Swiss architect and landscape painter Eder. The park accommodates secular trees and on the scene located inside the park a lot of festivals take place. On the alleys that cross the park the tourists can admire the busts of the personalities that used to live here or just visited the place, such as Dimitrie Ghica, Nicolae Balcescu, Ion Creanga and Mihai Eminescu. Right at the entrance there is actor Ion (Iancu) Brezeanu's (1869-1940) bust, with two different mentions: Caragiale`s "citizen" and Honour Citizen of Sinaia.
The museum of Wildlife Reservation Bucegi actually is a part of Natural Sciences Museum of Prahova. The museum was inaugurated in 1976, under Margareta Mosnoaga's close guide and surveillance, honoured professor and scientist. Located inside the park Dimitrie Ghica in Sinaia, the museum hosts rare specimens and species, protected by law and endangered species from flora and fauna of Bucegi mountain.

Ice Cave

Ice Cave - Located in Piatra Mare massif, it actually is very long and narrow room that goes deep the mountains, having a very interesting architecture, where the temperature is very low - its name comes from the very low temperature, constant throughout the year, sometimes keeping snow in the summer time. Having small sizes, looking more like a grotto - just 50 m long, not at all spectacular and having steep walls, the cave is a destination for those who love climbing. The Ice Cave evolved in time on one vertical crevice of a limestone wall. Thanks to the road signs one can spot the entrance, otherwise a breach between two apparently falling walls, hard to reach, very narrow pestera de gheata In order to enter the cave, one has to climb pretty slippery stones and, once inside, tourists should be aware that there is not much room. The first part is partially natural lighted and the second part, formed by ice only, is recommended only for the speleology lovers. On the cave path that goes down in the mountain, at some point the tourists will meet Bears Abyss, a real spectacular chasm formed by multiple karst microforms. There is no need of special equipment to get into the Ice Cave, except for warmer clothes and a light. It is recommended that, while on the path of the mountains, one should speak as loud as possible, thus making a lot of noise in order to avoid the encounters with the four-footed inhabitants: loads of bears and wild boars.

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