Poiana Brasov

Right next to Brasov, the mountain resort Poiana Brasov was first mentioned in 1427. The skiers knew the natural slope from Postavarul and Poiana Brasov since 1895. In 1906 here took place the first ski contest. In 1951, Poiana Brasov hosted World University Winter Games. Also at that time was built the very first cable car that connects Poiana and Postavarul, having 2 150 m in length.
Today, Poiana Brasov has an unique splendor and a well-deserved fame. Here one can find plenty of sport grounds, a lake, discos, bars and ultramodern bars. The tourists' accommodation represents luxury hotels, pensions, villas or cottages. But, for most of the tourists, the main attraction, during wintertime, is given by the 12 ski slopes having different difficulty levels: Bradul - 458 m, Kanzel - 350 m, Sulinar - 2441 m, Ruia - 540 m, Subteleferic 1 - 495m, Subteleferic 2- 2220 m, Lupului - 2860 m, Drumul Rosu - 3821 m, Stadion - 300 m.
Actually, in Poiana Brasov all the winter games can be played, due to the fact that here there is snow at least 71 day per year, the temperature can drop even to -15°C (in the sun), and the air humidity has medium values of 75%.

But Poiana Brasov is a perfect holiday destination regardless the season of the year. So, once arrived here, let your eyes and soul be spoiled by wonderful quiet landscapes and some of those attractions will determine you to come back: The wooden church, spiritually protected by Saint John, Postavaru Massif and Valea Cetatii cave, as well as numerous protected wild reservations.

Weather in Poiana Brasov

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