Sinaia Casino

cazino sinaia Sinaia Casino - The impressive construction built up in a record of time, in just one year (1912-1913), nowadays still represents one of the main symbols of Sinaia resort. It is located in the North of "Dimitrie Ghica" park, where once there was the very first building of the resort, the mansion built by prince Dimitrie Ghica. Its main shareholder was baron de Marcay, the same baron having the Monte Carlo casino's shares, so there are rumors that this structure is a model of the French casino. In fact, there are few architectural elements that could sustain such a comparison between the two casinos
Sinaia Casino was inaugurated in 1913 with a real important event, the authorities inviting Alexandru Davila an important personality of those times, to host the open ceremony, a high class show, among the guest there were important figures such as royal family members and Titu Maiorescu - the Romanian Prime-minister. In order to make this event unique, George Enescu held a concert and the evening ended up in fireworks lights. Shortly after its opening, the casino became an irresistible attraction for the tourists, but also an important revenue place for its shareholders. Today, being unique due to its elegance, having an interesting history and thanks to recent modernization, the casino is managed by Sinaia Local Council.

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