Ski slopes, Romania

The widest, also the most beautiful ski area is on Valea Prahovei, where one can find the best and the most spectacular ski slopes. This is the place where, each year, tens of thousands of ski lovers come from all around the world. Here there are some ski slopes we would like you to know about:

Kalinderu ski slope

Kalinderu ski slope in Busteni is part of the town hall properties and this is why it is considered one of the best equipped ski slopes in Romania. It has artificial snow machines and for pounding the snow there are different other machines in use. Kalinderu slope has a 1700 m length, 60 m wide, medium difficulty level, start altitude 1400m, arrival altitude 1030m. As a transport mean there is a ski lift. Among the facilities there is a car park for 200 cars, a stylish bar, ambient music and baby ski. Having FIS certificate, Kalinderu slope can accommodate and organize ski contests.

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Ski slopes in Azuga

Azuga resort is located exactly where Bucegi mountains begin, with an altitude of 1 110 m, just 38 km away from Poiana Brasov. Tourists, more and more each year, gather on the ski slopes in Azuga, making the best out of the ozone, stimulating climate, clear from allergens, extremely healthful. So, the ski and the purest air fans are welcome on the following slopes in Azuga::

Sorica Slope

It has a 50 degrees leaning, start altitude 1539 m, arrival altitude 978 m , night lightning for 800 m area, artificial snow machines, cable car and ski lift with extra schedule hours option, medium level of difficulty and a 2100 m length.

Cazacu slope

1920 m length, medium leaning of 28,4 degrees and maximum leaning of 41 degrees, 40 m width, start altitude of 1540 m, arrival altitude of 1010 m, level difference of about 530 m , medium difficulty level.

Cazacu slope - Alternative

Medium level of difficulty, 33,8 degrees leaning, 400 m in length, starting point altitude 1114 m, arrival altitude 998 m, artificial snow machines.

Cazacu slope - Bretea

715,54 m length, 19,06 m width, leaning of 22,8 degree and medium difficulty.

South Azuga slope

Stretches on 770 m, easy level of difficulty, starting altitude of 1487 m, arrival altitude of 1333 m.

La Stana slope

Starting altitude of 1487 m, arrival altitude 1333m, easy level of difficulty and 910 m length.

For the ski fond and randonee lovers, there is a special equipped slope by Cazacu slope.

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Predeal ski slopes

Predeal, one of the most appreciated mountain resort in Romania, with subalpine climate and temperatures that preserve a consistent snow bed for a long time - about 50 cm from December till March, provides the winter sports lovers dream landscapes and many ski slopes having different difficulty levels. Either you are beginners and eager to learn how to practice this wonderful winter sport, or experienced, in the following presentation you will find the right slope for you:

Clabucet Scoala ski slope

It has 200 m length, 15 degrees leaning, very easy difficulty level, level difference of 30 m, artificial snow machines and an excellent night lightning equipment.

Clabucet ski slope alternative

It stretches on 790 m, having a 20 degrees leaning, level difference of 160m, very easy level of difficulty, artificial snow machine and cable transport.

Clabucet arrival ski slope

It has 800 m in length, 20 degrees leaning, easy level of difficulty, level difference of 160 m, easy level of .

Paraul Rece ski slope

It stretches on 520 m, has a 21 degrees leaning, level difficulty of about 160 m, medium difficulty level and cable transport.

Cocosul ski slope

394 m level difference, 18 degrees leaning, 2250 m in length, medium difficulty level.

Clabucet ski slope

It stretches on 2100m, has 20 degrees leaning, medium difficulty level, level difference of 390 m, transport by cable.

Subteleferic ski slope

It has a rather difficulty level, 31 degrees leaning, 2100 m in length, level difference of 350 m an transport by cable.

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Ski slopes in Sinaia

Sinaia, one of the most beautiful and loved mountain resorts in Romania, offers its visitors diverse places to relax and plenty ski slopes. Therefore, all the white sports fans will spend here unforgettable holidays. Here are some of Sinaia`s ski slopes:

Poiana Stanii Regale ski slope

It is 250 m long, has a level difference of 40 m, easy difficulty level. The slope has no cable transport, artificial snow machines or night lightning.

Drumul Vechi ski slope

By far the longest ski slope in Sinaia, 5000 m, level difference of 400 m and easy difficulty level. It doesn’t have cable transport, artificial snow machine or night lightning.

Carp ski slope

It is a pretty generous ski slope, it stretches on 2500 m, has a level difference of 585 m, transport by cable, but has no night lightning or artificial snow machine.

Valea Dorului ski slope

It provides cable transport, has a 600 m length, level difference of 150 m , medium level of difficulty, but it doesn`t have a night lighting equipment or artificial snow machines.

Vanturis ski slope

Having 2900 m in length, level difference of 600 m, medium level of difficulty and cable transport. It has no artificial snow machines or night lightning.

Turistica ski slope

Equipped with cable transport, having 2800 m length, level difference of 460 m and medium difficulty level. It has no night lightning system or artificial snow machines.

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