Slanic Prahova Salt Mine

Slanic Prahova salt mine - It is well known that this salt mine holds the first position among the European salt mines and, in Romania, it is one of the main touristic attractions on Valley of Prahova. Slanic Prahova town became widely known and visited by many tourists for the sulphurous springs on Slanic slopes, thanks to salty lakes formed inside the old and abandoned salt mines, known for their curative properties, also called baths: Baia Rosie (Red Bath), Baia Baciului (Shepherd's Bath) and Baia Verde (Green Bath), which helped the expansion of watering and touristic activity, first mentioned in 1853. Shortly after its opening, Slanic Prahova was declared a touristic resort, also having two attractions points: Salina Noua (The new salt mine) and Salina Veche (The old salt mine). Salina Noua still extracts important quantities of salt, and the old mine became an important recreation place where everybody can go to.
Slanic Prahova salt mine has a trapeze shape, with the base opening of 32 m, 45 m height, the upper line having 10 m. The overall surface of the salt mine is 78 000 square meters and it was opened to the public after 1970. It has 14 different rooms, each one having almost 70 m height and the entire touristic circuit taking place around the enormous pylon that holds the mine seems painted in different alternative lines of white and grey shades, lines that spread tens of meters, plenty mineralogical characteristics (crystallization mode, texture, structure and so on). The salt mine also hosts Decebal, Mihai Eminescu and Traian's statues (Genesis Hall), bas-relief depicting Mihai Viteazu, all these creating the perfect environment where the tourists can meditate, same as in a real and gigantic cathedral.
In order to spend as much time as possible inside the salt mine, there were created volleyball and football playgrounds for the tourists. The interior of the salt mine is the ideal place for sport events (training place for sport teams and athlete competitions), but also the ideal movie set for those who love cinema art. The rich sodium air, the lack of allergenic particles and an the air pressure higher with 18-22 mmHg than the surface one, create a real natural microclimate for treating different breathing diseases, as deep inside the mine it was set a sanatorium, where asthma patients get certified medical assistance. The temperature registered throughout the year is 12 degrees Celsius, and the air humidity is 50%. The access in the salt mine is facilitated by two vertical elevators, the level difference of 208 m being covered in about 3 minutes.

Weather in Slanic Prahova

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