Weather in Romania

From the rainfall point of view, the annual average is slightly lower starting from Western part moving towards the Eastern part, the entire area quantities are 637mm/year, slightly higher in the mountains area, progressively decreasing towards the regions in Baragan.

Spring season is a short one, transitory, as air temperatures grow pretty fast, causing the ice meltdown till April. Annual average temperatures vary between 11°C in Danube river meadow and 6°C in Harghita county.

Summer starts in May and ends up in mid September, is an exceptionally hot season, especially in Western and Southern areas of the country. In the South there are 40 hot days with more than 30°C and about 90 days over 25°C. In the center and Northern area, summer is a temperate season, with few sultry days and slightly cool nights.

Autumn is short, having long days of dryness, but also having plenty rainy days. First frosts already appear in the mountain area starting the second part of October, and the first snow fall comes in mountain area at the beginning of November.

Winters in Romania are pretty cold, because of the cold air coming from Eastern part of Europe that brings temperatures as low as - 20°C. The snow quantities are not significant due to the temperature variations and lack of precipitations. Because of the global warming, during the recent years, winters in Romania have suffered dramatic changes, frost and blizzard episodes becoming less and less often. clima

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